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Spin Me Around

And Hold Me Close

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Krista Mae
22 February
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Basic Info

Hey, all! :) Name's Krista Mae...Welcome to my journal.

On my journal, you will find lots of Merlin stuff, and probably a few other fandoms, and even celebrities in general, as well. Also non-fandom things, like stock images and aesthetic stuff, etc. But mostly Merlin / Colin, and Rebekah Mikaelson / Claire Holt. I make icons, sometimes I write fics and drabbles, and even make some graphics. Don't expect top quality pieces - I am in no way an expert at any of these things. I just like doing them for fun!

All of the icons you see on my journal, you are more than welcome to take and use as you wish. Just credit me, please, and please do not edit them in any way. Also no hotlinking, or posting them somewhere else and taking credit for them.


Favorite Male Celebrities:

Colin Morgan, Tom Hiddleston, , Lee Pace, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kit Harrington, Eoin Macken, Tom Hopper, Bradley James, Jensen Ackles

Favorite Female Celebrities:

Claire Holt, Naya Rivera, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander, Katie McGrath, Jessica Chastain,


Merthur, Mergana, Merthian, Freylin, Mergwaine, Drarry, Snarry, Thorki, Frostiron,

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